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  • Valid Aadhar Number | Ex : 827421323702
  • Full Aadhar Card Name : Narendra Modi
  • PAN Number, For Ex : CCVPP1698H
  • Type your Valid Email id
  • Contact Number without 0 or +91
  • example : Reliance Industries
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  • 01/01/2002 Type any date which you remember
  • How many employees work. Type No 01-100
  • How much investment in your business
  • Type your Saving or Current Account No
  • Type your IFSC Code (Cheque Upper Corner)
  • Your Last Year Sales or Expected Current Year Sales. For ex - 20 Lakhs

What is MSME Registration

MSME Registration is 12 Digit Registration Number issued by the MSME Department to avail the benefits and scheme. MSME Registration Contain the basic and business details of the applicant. It's also used by applicant to open a current bank account on business name and to avail Mudra loan from the bank. Apart from this, Our Portal provides to you legal agreement templates which is useful for your business with the MSME Registration Online

Disclaimer : This Site Owned & Operated by a Private Consultancy Organization and is not Associated with Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises & Charge Professional Fee

MSME Registration Certificate

MSME Registration Online

  • MSME Registration Application
  • Proper NIC Code Consultancy
  • MSME Registration Certificate
  • MSME Benefits and Subsidy Guides
  • Filed by MSME Experts
  • 12 Digital MSME Registration Number

Why Our Platform for MSME Registration ?

GOI  platform is very difficult for the MSME Registration because they have lot of the option in the MSME Registration application where required the expert advice from the choose the right business structure to nic codes. so we build a very simplified platform to get done your msme registration where you got below some unique benefits - 

1. Right Legal Entity - our platform helps you to choose the right legal entity by the experts. lot of the entrepreneurs are starting the new business so they are confused to choose the right legal entity in the starting.

2. Aadhaar Card linking with Registered Mobile - during the enrollment of the aadhar card in india there are lot of the people which are not registered their mobile number with the aadhar card but this platform gives you to submit your MSME Registration application without any OTPs hassle free.

3. Right NIC Code for your Business - There are the nic code which is issued  for the each type of business but when you submit the application, confuse about the right nic code so our experts are here helps to choose right NIC Code for your MSME Registration Online.

4. Other necessary details - apart from the above you have to insert the investment amount, employees & incorporation date but normal business person are confuse about this because they have knowledge about their own business only. here our experts helps you to choose the right details.

5. Documents Submission on Portal - if you apply for the MSME Registration then you have to submit the basic documents for the approval to fetch your final aadhar udyog registration here our experts helps you to preparation and submission in legal documents.

6. Changes in UAM Certificate - sometime in the MSME Registration Certificate there is required changes so our experts help to resubmission on the MSME application and fetch your newly certificate for the same.

7. Ministry of MSME Scheme & Subsidy - the main purpose of MSME Registration is only to avail the benefits and subsidy. but entrepreneurs are unaware about these bank loans or incentive or msme scheme so here our experts provides the basic guides through articles/videos which helps you to avail the  benefits and scheme. 

8. *Why We Charging Professional Fee Payment - We are not just providing Only the MSME Registration Certificate, Even We have bundle Business Registration Package which Include do it yourself legal agreements templates with the msme Scheme & Benefits Guide and Free Consultancy by Legal Experts on your business.

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