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What is Udyog Aadhaar Registration ?

Today MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Scale Industries) is playing one the major important role in India's growth. So indian govt always prepare the government scheme & loans and incentive for this msme sector. To avail these scheme govt required the proper registration of the business with th MSME Department so from the oct 2015 on the recommendation of kammath committee govt launched the Udyog Aadhaar Registration which simplified the legal registration & issued a 12 digital unique Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum Number so each business can be track easily by the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprise.

Why Our Platform for Udyog Aadhaar Registration ?

Govt of India platform is very diffcult for the udyog aadhaar registration because they have lot of the option in the udyog aadhar application where required the expert advice from the choose the right business structure to nic codes. so we build a very simplified platform to get done your udyog aadhaar registration where you got below some unique features - 

1. Right Legal Entity - our platform helps you to choose the right legal entity by the experts. lot of the entrepreneurs are starting the new business so they are confused to choose the right legal entity in the starting.

2. Aadhaar Card linking with Registered Mobile - during the enrollment of the aadhar card in india there are lot of the people which are not registered their mobile number with the aadhar card but this platform gives you to submit your udyog aadhar application without any OTPs hassle free.

3. Right NIC Code for your Business - There are the nic code which is issued by the govt for the each type of business but when you submit the application, confuse about the right nic code so our experts are here helps to choose right NIC Code for your aadhar udyog.

4. Other necessary details - apart from the above you have to insert the investment amount, employees & incorporation date but normal business person are confuse about this because they have knowledge about their own business only. here our experts helps you to choose the right details.

5. Documents Submission on Portal - if you apply for the udyog aadhar then you have to submit the basic documents for the approval to fetch your final aadhar udyog registration here our experts helps you to preparation and submission in legal documents.

6. Changes in UAM Certificate - sometime in the udyog aadhar card there is required changes so our experts help to resubmission on the udyog aadhar application and fetch your newly certificate for the same.

7. Ministry of MSME Scheme & Subsidy - the main purpose of udyog aadhar registration is only to avail the government benefits and subsidy. but entrepreneurs are unaware about these bank loans or incentive or govt scheme so here our experts provides the basic guides through articles/videos which helps you to avail the government benefits and scheme. 

8. Startup India Recognition Programme - our platform myudyogaadhar is powered by the startup india recognition programme with over 10000+ certification issued & 200+ social reviews. 

8 awesome platform features So Why are you Waiting ? 

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Udyog Aadhar Application

Simplified Paperless One Page Udyog Aadhar Application Form

Udyog Aadhaar Registration Process

Udyog Aadhaar Registration process is completely online with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. if you are aware with some legal terms and have experience about the firm legal registration then yes you can do it easily with the Udyog Aadhaar Registration Portal. below are the simplified terms which is mentioned in the aadhar udyog application.

1. Adhaar Card of the Authorised Person -

For the uam registration you have to required the authorised person aadhar card for the same. if you are registered a simple proprietorship firm then it's need individual proprietor aadhar card copy of the same. but let's suppose if you choose the legal entity like partnership or pvt ltd company, in that case you need the directors or partners anyone aadhar card which are authorised person in the company to sign any type of the document.

2. Ownership of the Firm or Pvt Ltd Company or Partnership -

during the udyog aadhar registration online you have to insert the owner name in the uam application. name will be exact match with provide aadhar card number. in any case if name are not match then you got the validation error for the same. for ex - if you name is mentioned in the aadhar database Virat Kumar Kohli but if you insert your pan card or real name only Virat Kohli then you get the validation error.

Here are some errors which are find on the Udyog Aadhar Registration Platform -

a) Error 100 - it's mean there is wrong name or date of birth in your aadhar card.

b) Error 997 - It's mean your Aadhaar is Suspended

3. Choose the Right Social Category of the Entrepreneurs - 

In the 3rd step or column of udyog aadhar application you have to choose the correct social category of the owner. MSME department provide benefits and subsidy for the each cast from general to low cost like OBC etc. so you have to choose owner social category so govt will get the correct data. In the uam certificate there are is mainly option like General/SC/ST/OBC Category only.

4. Company or Firm name in Application -

In the 4th step you have to provide the company or firm name. if you are going with the proprietorship firm then you can provide any name. for Ex- xyz tours and travels but remember if you going with the partnership firm or pvt ltd company or llp or opc then first of all you have to properly registered the company under the partnership act or companies act & apply for the pan card. after that you have to provide the exact registered name with the government.

5. Type of the Legal Entity or Organization -

In the 5th step you have to choose the right type of the legal entity. for ex - proprietorship or opc for the single owner or partnership or pvt ltd or llp with the partners or directors. you need always a pan card copy on company name except the proprietorship firm.

6. Business or Firm or Company Address with Registered office -

In the udyog aadhaar online registration you have to provide the proper full registered office address about the company or firm. for the sole propreitorship its not required any registration but for the pvt ltd company or llp or opc you have to mentioned exact same address which is mentioned in the certificate of incorporation. its can be your home address for the same.

7. Date of Starting for udyog aadhar new registration -

In the udyog aadhaar application you have to providing the date of starting of the business. there is note its can be only the past date. you can'nt mentioned the future date of the business. for the sole proprietorship firm you can mentioned any date but for the private limited company or opc or llp you have to mentioned the exact incorporation date.


8. MSME Udyog Aadhar Details -

In the 8th step if you aware about the previous MSME Registration which is old name of the udyog aadhar registration. if you are already existing user of the msme registration then you have to mentioned your previous number for the same.

9. Bank Details of Udyog Aadhaar Registration -

In the 9th step you have to provide the bank details of the entrepreneurs. here you have to mention your personal saving bank account details if you go with the propreitorship firm else you have to open a current bank account on the name of company & provide the bank details for the same. apart from bank details you have to provide the IFSC Code. this is required if you avail any government benefits, you will get the grant under this account for the same.

10. Nature of Business or Activity of the firm for msme udyog aadhar -

Under this step you have to provide the nature of business details. for ex - if you are thinking to start a new online ecommerce business, then you have to provide the products details. remember here there are 2 option like only manufacturing and servicing. so you have to decide about your firm major activity. if you are doing both then have to choose only the major activity instead of the both. we always recommend to choose this category with the help of legal experts.

11. NIC Code Selection Process for udhyog aadhar registration

It is one of the most important part of the msme udyog aadhar registration. always recommend to choose the NIC Code with the help of legal experts. NIC Code is basically industry code which is defined by the govt for each type of the business. so you have to insert your business category NIC Code. sometimes there are lot of the business category which are defined under one NIC Code only so you have to carefully insert the NIC Code during the udyog aadhaar application submission.

12. No of the Employees work under the Company or Firm -

In the starting of the business you have no idea about the no of the employees which is required for my business. so you have always insert the correct no of the employees as 0 or 1. apart from these if you are registered with the shop act license you have to enter according to them.

13. Investment in the Company or Firm -

For the starting any kind of new business you need always the investment. Now as per the udyog aadhar you have to insert the investment amount in the lakhs. The basic investment amount is minimum 1 lakh. so do'nt worry it's doesn't mean that you have to invest this amount in your company or firm. it's just only on the paper.

14. Select the Correct DIC Center -

DIC is basically district industrial center which is setup by the MSME Department. you have to choose the correct alloted nearby DIC Center which assign for your area. because DIC Center is providing all the benefits and govt scheme for the same.

15. ​Submit the Application for Processing -

Once your ​above ​aadhar udyog application completed, you have to ​provide the submit the application with the processing. once your application has been validated, system automatically fetch your udyog aadhar ​final registration certificate with UAM Number.

Who Can Apply for the Udyog Aadhar ?

any entrepreneur can apply for udyog aadhar which have valid Aadhar Card for the same.  its can be a proprietorship firm or partnership firm or private limited company or other entity like HUF, LLP, OPC etc for the same.

Entrepreneurs can apply in the manufacture or service category as per the MSME Act Definition for the Udyog Aadhaar.

What is the definition of the MSME Act 2006  for Udyog Aadhaar -

So already discussed above i.e all the entrepreneurs who's are fall under MSME Act 2006, can apply for the Udyog Aadhar Registration Certificate. MSME Act classified the business category in 2 segment -

a) Manufacturer Category - All the business which are engaged in the production or development of the products which are defined under the schedule 1 to the industries development and regulation 1951 or employ the plant & machinery with manpower in process of value addition to the final product. As per the msme act manufacturer's are defined in terms of investment in plant & machinery for the same.

b) Retail/Trader/Service Category - All the business which are engaged into the providing the services covered under this category & define in terms of investment in machinery or equipment which is required to providing the services.

Update from Feb 2018 in the definition of the MSME For the Udyog Aadhar -  Now instead of investment in plant & machinery. MSME Act cover all the business on the basis of their annual turnover.

1.Micro Business - if your annual turnover is less than or up to 5 Cr then you are covered under the Micro business.

2.Small Business -  if your annual turnover is more than 5 Cr but up to 75 Cr then you are covered under the Small business category for the same.

3.Medium Business - if your annual turnover is more than 75 Cr but up to 250 Cr then you are covered under the Medium Business category for the same.

How to Change or Edit or Update or Correction in Udyog Aadhar ?

Once you submit the udyog aadhar application and got the certificate from the government, even after that you can easily change some details in the udyog aadhar certificate. for the udyog aadhar changes you have to simply login in your udyog aadhar account by official portal & have to change the details.

But always remember some details like Name of State or Udyog aadhar Memorandum name cannot be changed because these data is always matched with the UIDAI Database.

FAQ on Udyog Aadhar -

1.Aadhar Card is Manadatory for the Udyog aadhaar registration ?
Yes, aadhar card is required for udyog aadhar registration. if you do'nt have aadhar card then you have to required to apply for it.

2. Can i apply aadhar card on companies or llp name or firm name etc. ?
No, aadhar card can be applied only on the individual name so if you are firm or company or llp then you can easily apply to the partner or directors name for the same.

3. Do i need PAN Card of myself  ?
Yes, for Udyog aadhaar you have to required the pan card on an individual name but its not mandatory for the individual except the private limited company or llp or partnership firm etc. In that case, you have to apply for the pan card on the company or firm name.

4.  Can i register udyog aadhar on another person name ?
No, Udyog aadhar can be registered only on the ownership of the business person.

5. My Aadhar Card details are wrong like middle name etc. Do i need Change ?
Basically udyog aadhar portal fetches the data from the UIDAI Portal like name etc. so if you want to change your change on the UAM Certificate then yes it's required to change it for the same.

6. It is mandatory to linking my Mobile Number with the Aadhar Card ?
No, if your number is not linking then there is an alternative option to apply for the udyog aadhar for the same.

7. What is the OTP Verification for the Udyog Aadhar ?
During the Udyog aadhaar registration process, an OTP Has been sent on the registered mobile number which is linked with your aadhar card number.

8. I am getting some validation Error during the Udyog Aadhaar ?

Yes its happened in some case where your name is not matched with the UIDAI Database or your aadhar card has been blocked by the govt.

9. My Aadhar card has been lost, Can i apply for the same ?
Yes, you can apply because its not required the physical copy of the aadhar card.

10. Can i apply udyog aadhar on the

basis of Acknowledge Number for aadhar card ?
No, its required the proper aadhar card number, without aadhar card number you can'nt apply for the same.

11.  What is the purpose of the Email id for Udyog aadhar ?
After that uam registration you will get the udyog aadhar on your registered email id for the same.

12. There is Certification is required for Choose Cast Category ?
No, this is the self-declaration form so you have to choose yourself for the same.

13.  Mobile number is always linked to the aadhar card ?
you can insert any mobile number, there is no issue in that if that number is not linked with your aadhar card.

14. How to Choose the Firm or Shop Name ?
you can choose any firm or shop name in case of the proprietorship firm. but for the private limited company or llp etc your registered name only will be considered for the same.

15.  Do i have to register my Company before Udyog aadhar ?
Registration is only required except the proprietorship firm only. so you can apply for the udyog aadhar without registration as Proprietorship.

16.  Business address required the address proof ?
No, its a self declaration udyog aadhar application form so you have to insert only the address which can be commercial or residential for the same.

17. Date of Starting required any proof ?
No, you can insert any random date which you remember for the same but most important i.e in case of the pvt ltd companies you have to insert only the date of incorporation for the same.

18. There is any minimum requirements for no of the employee ?
No, there is no minimum requirements. you can include minimum 1 employee yourself for the same.

19. Investment in business required any proof ?
No, you can mention the capital amount as an investment for the same. there is no requirement for any proof.

20. Current bank account is required for the Udyog Aadhar ?
No, you can mentioned your personal saving bank account number and ifsc code for the same. Even as Proprietorship firm you can open a current bank account with udyog aadhar on later stage for the same.

Udyog Aadhar Benefits

1.  Assurance against a delay in Payments - if you apply for the Udyog Aadhar Registration then you will get the assurance regarding the delay in payment. For the small business, it's a huge problem i.e not getting timely payment from the large companies after completing the order. so as an MSME Sector you will get the benefits on this and secure your dealy payment against your invoices.

2. Quick determination of Disputes - As a small business you are dealing with many small other vendors or large MNC Companies or any other suppliers etc. so there is always a chance of dispute on any terms & conditions. So as a part of the Udyog aadhar you get the quick determination of disputes & solutions on the problems.

3. Collateral Free credits from a bank - if you are running a small business then you need always 

money for the working capital or day to day operation or to expand your business with the latest technology or machinery which is required bank loans. Now if you have not any property for the collateral then-No banks will give you the money for your business But on this Udyog Aadhar Certification, you can apply for many govt schemes like Mudra bank loan or Collateral free loan

from any Government or Private sector bank.

4. Select thought for taking participation in the international trade fair - As a small business if you want to promote your business internationally then it's required the promotion which is required a huge cost. So with the Udyog aadhar Registration you will get the chances to participate in the international trade fair which is organized by the govt of India. These trade fair are organized to promote small business products and services for the same. So some event is only for the Small MSME Business which have Udyog aadhar registration.

5. Octroi benefits for the MSME Business -  if you are selling goods or services across India or import the goods from outside India then with the import-export duty you have to pay the octroi for the same. so if you have Udyog aadhar then you will get the benefits on paying Octroi by way of Udyog aadhar.

6. Easy to Get other Related License & Registration - if you have Udyog aadhar Registration Certificate then its very easy to get other Related license or registration certificate. You can easily apply for the GST Registration or Shop act License or Professional tax registration or Gumasta license etc. These licenses are required additional registration certificate as proprietorship firm so you can use the UAM Registration Certificate for the same.

7. Apply for MSME Loan on GST Portal - Recently Govt announced the psbloanin59mintues which is related to the GST Portal. so if you have udyog aadhar certificate and have valid UAM Registration Number for your business then you can apply for the MSME Loan on the GST Portal. You can read here more about How to Get a loan on Udyog Aadhar.

8. Waiver of Stamp duty and Registration expenses - If you are thinking to purchase any land or factory space for your business and having a Udyog aadhaar registration certificate then you can easily reduce your stamp duty & other nominal registration expenses on the basis of your UAM Certificate.

9. Income Tax Exemption - In the recent Union Budget 2018 our FM Minster Arun Jaitley announced that all the Corporate which have a turnover less than 50 Cr in a year, they will get the benefits under the MSME in terms of Income-tax Corporate Rate. Right Now Corporate income tax rate i.e 30% which can be reduced 25% if you have Udyog aadhar Registration Certificate.

10. Subsidy in Bar Code machine or Registration - if you have a retail business and registered under the Udyog aadhaar then you can apply for the Bar Code Registration for your products. if

you opt Bar Code Technology on your products then you will get the subsidy for the same.

11. NSIC Credit Ratings and Performance - NSIC is playing an important role on the govt tender and projects. so if you are running any business and want to participate in any type of the govt tender then yes its required the udyog aadhaar for the same.

12. Get Bank Guarantee from Govt of India through CGSTI Scheme -  if you apply for any type of business bank loan then bank is always asking for the Guarantee, so if you are Udyog Aadhar Certificate Holder then you can easily get the loan because Govt of India provides to you bank guarantee through CGSTI Scheme.

13. Low Rate of Interest :- if you apply for the business bank loan for the working capital then there is high-interest rate like 12% to 15% per annum but due to benefits from Aadhar Udyog you will get a lower interest rate as compared to normal interest rates.

14.  50% Subsidy on Patent Registration -  if you are doing some innovation in your business & build a unique product or process which is required the patent registration then you will get the 50% subsidy on Patent registration throughout the udyogaadhar registration.

15.  Subsidy on Technology Upgradation -  For the traditional business it's always required the technology for automation & innovation. so if you upgrade your technology then you will get the extra 15% subsidy under the credit-linked capital subsidy scheme for all type of small units in India.

16.  Concession on the Commercial Electricity Bill - If you are manufacture or running any factory or production then you will get the concession on your Commercial Electricity Bill under this scheme. This is good benefits for all type of small units.

17. Subsidy in ISO Registration Certificate - Small business can't afford the ISO Certificate but due to aadhar udyog certificate you can avail the easily ISO Registration Certificate & run your business on international standards.

18. Lower Rate of Interest on Over Draft Limits -  These days banks are providing the overdraft limits to the small business on their stock & charge the interest for the same. so under the Udyog aadhar scheme you will get the lower rate of interest for your overdraft limits for the same.

19. Increase your loan limits - if you already availed any loan from any bank and want to expand your business then under the udyog aadhaar you will get the benefits of increasing the loan limits for the same.

20. Eligible for the Industrial Promotion Scheme (IPS) - Govt always create the specific area of the business in each state like Special Economic Zone etc. so all the MSME Business which have Udyog Aadhaar , they are eligible for the industrial promotion scheme for the same.

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